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Snowmobile Helmet Review & Weight

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    Snowmobile Helmet Review & Weight

    We would like to create an ongoing review of MX style snowmobile helmets, and will start off with listing some of the helmets we have at this time and their associated actual weights. We will add information on the individual helmets to this thread as we use the various helmets. Keep in mind that this is NOT a safety review, we are going to leave that up to the various formal helmet testing standards (DOT, SNELL, etc.) and YOU. You need to pick the helmet that you think is right for you, balancing a variety of personal factors and choices.

    While many manufacturers publish their helmet weights, this is often for a small or medium sized helmet and the information can be difficult to compare - there seems to be a desire to advertise a sub 3 lb helmet in any way possible. A helmet needs to provide good protection, all the helmets listed will have DOT certification at a minimum, but a lightweight helmet can also help keep your neck and shoulders feeling less tired or strained. The difference of a few ounces bouncing around all day long can make a huge difference.

    We will be weighing L/XL sized helmets (of similar size/fit) and posting the information here. We will use the same scale, and weigh them ourselves, so as to ensure consistency. As new helmets are added, we will update this post with new weights.

    HMK / Fly F2 (XL) DOT, SNELL - 3 lbs 3 oz
    Fox V3 (XL) DOT, SNELL - 3 lbs 5 oz
    509 Evolution (L) DOT - 3 lbs 6 oz
    HJC AC-X3 (XL) DOT, SNELL - 3 lbs 10 oz

    note: the 509 L we have fits similar to the XL in the other models

    A few thoughts on these helmets / weights....

    The HJC is a great helmet, and fits awesome. However, you can tell it is on the heavier side. Probably a lot lighter than some helmets out there, but heavier than others.

    The Fox V3 is what I have considered the standard of MX style helmets in the past, and what I have used the last two seasons. It fits great, has a good feel, vents well and feels light on the head. This is why I was so surprised that it weighs more than the new HMK / Fly F2. I weighed them at least three times to make sure that the weights were correct, and they are. I am excited to check out the HMK F2 this year, as it seems to have many of the same advantages of the V3 and I think it is one of the coolest looking helmets out there.

    Click image for larger version

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      Snowmobile Helmet Review & Weight


      I do like this idea but we need to set up a way to consistently weigh the various helmets out there AND assign a price to them. Possibly a monthly Sledspace ride would be a great opportunity for this. It was a ton of searching and reading reviews before I bought my new FLY Carbon F2 Dragon last year. Weight was a big factor but price played a large role as well.
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        I have a 509 Carbon Fiber and it is a great helmet, feel good at the end of the day. Your right they do fit small. I usually wear XL and mine is a L.


          Originally posted by Splitter View Post
          I have a 509 Carbon Fiber and it is a great helmet, feel good at the end of the day. Your right they do fit small. I usually wear XL and mine is a L.
          I'm using the FXR Blade Super Lite helmet. I have a fairly large mellon and the Xl fits fine. The comfort and light weight do really well for me, no complaints. I would recommend it to anyone.