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Help for one of our own....

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    Help for one of our own....

    You may remember a story from a few weeks ago about the two snowmobilers lost near Halfway in a storm.

    SnoWest - 2 sledders Missing
    SnoWest Thank You from Sam

    The son, Brennan, is having some complications and I've been pm'ing Sam. I thought I'd share the latest message I recieved from Sam and spread the word about Brennan's condition and the bank account.

    Thank you Susie,

    We are so blessed with our community and how helpful everyone has been near and far. You just never know .. until you are thrown into a difficult situation how great people can be.

    We were miss - informed about the hospital Brennan is at in Portland. He is actually at Legacy Emanuel Burn Center.

    After being at our Enterprise Hosptial for 1.5 weeks, Brennan's mother rented a SUV and drove him to the burn center at Legacy Emanuel. When he got there the Drs. were thrilled with the progress and the healing going on in his feet.

    Since Brennan has family that live in the valley, the Dr. released him and he is to return on Feb 22 to check in with the Dr again.

    We understand that there is still a possiblity of skin grafting that might happen, but they will not discuss any details for another 1.5 weeks or so.

    Please continue to pray for his family. His mother has shown amazing strength.

    We have opened a bank account at any Community Bank Branch for donation to the family to help wtih their medical expense if you could let people know.

    Thank you again you are all AMAZING!