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Warming Cabins - Always good?

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    Warming Cabins - Always good?

    I am a fan of snowmobile club warming cabins. That being said, my local club, the snodrifters put a new cabin at Taylor Green (very nice cabin I might add). My problem is that now my favorite riding area has seen a very significant increase in snowmobilers.

    When we snowmbile as a group it is often nice to ride Tollgate because of the warming cabin. But when it is just the guys, I want to go somewhere the crowds haven't ruined the trail I use to get quickly to the backcountry.

    Am I being selfish, or is this something clubs should consider when developing these areas? Just my 2 cents.
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    RE: Warming Cabins - Always good?

    Thats a double sided sword! The Chiloquin Ridge Riders are looking into 2 High country shelters but we cross country to these areas if its just us powder guys. Maybe we should put them on trails that don't get enough traffic such as between Annie creek and Diamond lake!
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