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    Search & Rescue Efforts

    All kinds of seach and rescue going on......

    (KTVZ - Bend) Forest Service and Deschutes County Sheriff's Search and Rescue crews found and assisted a lost snowmobile rider Saturday night whose machine became stuck in the snow as she tried to turn around on a trail near Wanoga Sno-Park more than four hours earlier, officers said.

    Jaysa Nesbitt, 26, of Salem, called Deschutes County 911 dispatch from her cell phone around 5:15 p.m., said sheriff's Cpl. Wayne Morgan.

    Nesbitt told police she'd become separated from her fellow riders, then her snowmobile got stuck as she attempted to turn around on the trail, Morgan said.

    Nesbitt, a novice snowmobile rider, knew she was somewhere near Wanoga Sno-Park but otherwise had little information to share about her location the corporal said.

    Searchers responded to the area with snowmobiles and track ATVs, Morgan said. Shortly before 10 p.m., a Search and Rescue team found Nesbitt on snowmobile Trail No. 1, about آ¾ mile east of trail No. 2.

    She was in good condition and rode back to the sno-park after the SAR team dug out her snowmobile, Morgan said.

    The corporal reminded snowmobile operators to stay aware of the location of all members of their party and try not to become separated.

    "In severe weather conditions, the consequences may be life-threatening," Morgan said in his news release.


    PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Two snowmobilers missing over the weekend in Eastern Oregon have been found, but one was hypothermic and a rescue helicopter was socked in by snow Monday afternoon.

    The two got stuck in the 4 feet of snow that fell in the Wallowa Mountains, the Baker County sheriff's department said.

    One, 50-year-old Sam Bowman, was safe in a cabin, said Jerry Boyd, 911 dispatch director.

    He said the other, 18-year-old Brennan Anderson, was reported to be "extremely hypothermic" and under the care of a nurse and paramedic who flew in on a helicopter.

    But, Boyd said at mid-afternoon Monday, the snow was too heavy for the helicopter to lift off.

    On the other end of the state, two snowmobilers were missing for several hours Sunday night and Monday near Southern Oregon's Mount Ashland, but were found several hours later. Rescue workers said they battled whiteout winds and had been unable to see the large fire the snowmobilers built.

    RE: Search & Rescue Efforts

    whether i'm taking seasoned or newbie riders i make it clear to keep track of one another, don't go off by yourself and the lead sled should slow up or stop every few miles for a head count. wasting riding time looking for someone is frustrating or worse. we all carry 5 mile frs radios and if you ever get separated, go back to last area you saw others in your party. just my .02
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      RE: Search & Rescue Efforts

      We starting carrying Garmin Rhino 120s a couple of seasons ago. They have worked VERY WELL in locating people who have just gotten stuck off the trail, out of the line of sight, and once just during a period of low visibility. In that situation, the rider got separated from the group and was unfamiliar with the area - didn't know if there were any hazards in the area and you couldn't see the end of your skis - so she just stopped and called us on the radio. We were able to track her position and rode right to her. Like I said, you couldn't even see your ski tips, so we were practically on top of her before we could see her.

      These recent rescues just reinforce the importance of knowing and trusting your riding partners and always be prepared. Ya never know when a "short day" of riding can turn into an "extended stay".


        RE: Search & Rescue Efforts

        Rhino 530 was an impressive safety improvement on our elk hunt but none of my riding bodies even has a gps or a becon!!!
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          RE: Search & Rescue Efforts

          i own a 530.. love it... most of the guys I ride with have a 530 or a garmin of some sort... it has helped out in about 3 situations that I can think of to help find someone that was lost... def an awesome tool for locating people and communication.....
          Take me to where the white stuff is!!!!