"Hey snowmobilers, this is the Zenman in Mossbank Saskatchewan. Today it is -5C and we have had snow on the ground for a week. I am working my butt off, making new radio episodes every week. I need more guests to interview. I would like to do a Vermont Show, so if you know a good storyteller from Vermont, please send me his/her email. Also, I would appreciate some feedback on my efforts. I am trying hard to make a snowmobile weekly show for us snowmobilers, but I need help. Please visit me at www.zenwaiter.podomatic.com . Got some ideas to make the show better? I would also like to have one of the admins from H2Oregon on the show next Saturday - can you send me the name and e-mail of a good one. I want to have an admin talk about how people should behave on a snowmobile Board, and about some of the problems they encounter. Thanks. zw"