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Thread: Review: Carbon Fiber Windshield - Rev XP

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    Default Review: Carbon Fiber Windshield - Rev XP

    I love carbon fiber. It makes anything seem stealthy, fast and infinitely cooler and can provide some tangible benefits.

    I recently had the opportunity to check out Carbonsledparts carbon fiber windshields for the Rev XP platform. These are 100% carbon fiber windshields, made to fit the factory mounts for Ski-Doo Rev XP sleds.

    In the Box
    The package includes a windshield and the six required push nuts. The standard Ski-Doo windshield trim bezel is required for installation, so if you are replacing a lost or broken windshield you will need to have this part.

    Simply remove the old windshield from the trim bezel by unfastening the old push nuts (I cut mine with wire cutters). Place the new carbon fiber windshield in the trim bezel, center it up and install the new push nuts. Affix the windshield assembly to the sled as normal and you are done. The whole process takes about ten minutes and nothing needs to be modified or changed from stock.

    Overall, the installation was easy. The only thing that slowed me down a little was the supplied push nuts. They seem to fit a little tighter than the stock ones. Not that big of a deal if you ensure the trim bezel is on a flat hard surface and you use an appropriately sized deep socket to push the push nut on evenly.

    Once installed the windshield looks awesome (see the attached pictures). Like many carbon fiber products, it is polished to a high gloss on the front and is matte/unfinished on the back. Beyond improved cosmetics, the new windshield is solid. One of my biggest pet peeves with my sled is that the sides of the stock windshield vibrated against the bezel, making a bunch of noise. Not anymore, it is much stiffer and orders of magnitude stronger than the OEM windshield. It keeps your sled stock, but gives it that sexy CF look.

    Bottom Line
    I would highly recommend this to someone that wants to upgrade to an X-style windshield, wants to give their XP a cool look (one that not many people have) or needs to replace their existing windshield. Given that the flimsy stock windshield and push nuts are over $90 at the Doo dealer, this upgraded windshield is a downgrade in $'s.

    Company Info
    Carbonsledparts sells a number of different parts for the Rev XP platform:

    Windshield (low profile X style) with push nuts: $79
    Body: $1000 black (blue and red +$200)
    Skid Plate: $229 (black, blue, red)

    They also produce universal fit carbon fiber hand guards with aluminum mounts (very similar to the Ski-Doo 440 racer style) for $129, in a variety of colors. A 1st generation carbon fiber Rev skid plate and windshield can also be special ordered.

    Carbonsledparts can be found on eBay or by contacting Brian at the following email address:

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    nice that does look good. i have been wanting to change the windshield on my IQ but havent decided what to go with.

    also I am looking at getting hand guards. my father in law rode a yami with them, and said they make a huge difference in keeping your hands warm with keeping the wind off of them.
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