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    On feb 7 ochoco snow wports got a new president of its club i use this forum site alot so if there is anything i can help with on the ochoco snow sports info just let me know some of the events we have planned are
    jan 24 chili feed
    feb 7 pot luck then a night ride
    feb 28 club ride
    march 7 club ride
    marh 14 rib bar b que potluck
    all these events are at walton lake snowpark if you want more info let me know

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    Sounds great..You must be the new prez?? Congrats!
    We also have a Calender so that your thread won't need bumped all season. You might also be the Editor in Chief..There are spots for grooming reports..
    If your past Prez is not your acting advisor you should let Peggy Speiger of the OSSA know so she can help your first year!
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    and the most repaired Tucker Sno-Cat in Oregon!

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    I know some people that love to ride over there. They kind of think of it as their hidden gem. I added an "Ochoco" section to the Central Oregon area in the Riding Area forum. It would be great to get any updates or such from the area. Do you have a trail map we can post somewhere?


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    Default trail maps

    I have trail maps and some other info for you try to send it tonight you might have to edit it a little if not tonight for sure tomarrow

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    if you guys havent riden out in the ochocos you really should try it not only that the cops are not out there to bug you as they are out at mtbach i would love to attend to one of these shows but i cant remember nothing hardly.

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