I lived in PA until the summer of my 7th grade year and was very enthralled with snowmobiles but never got to drive one, though I did get to ride on the back a couple of times. Then we moved to NC and then GA. Now I'm 57 years old still in GA and still have never gotten to drive a snowmobile, or even ride on one since leaving PA. My sister lives in Phoenix AZ and I go visit her from time to time. On the last visit she said there's good snow skiing not unreasonably far from Phoenix which I sort of doubted since Phoenix is well known for being in the hot desert but in case it actually is true I did a quick search for snowmobile rentals in AZ. Can any of you familiar with the area who know there were several results recommend any particular rental places or particular areas that are better than other possible choices? I see places to the north like Flagstaff and Mormon Lake, and places to the east like Alpine. Why is there snow in those places but nothing in Phoenix just 200 or less miles away? How much snow...which area is better...? So far I just don't know what to think about this. And if there is snow, for how long? To try for the snowmobile experience the best I could do would be some time in February. Are some of those places likely to still have snow then, if they had a decent winter at all this year?

Thank you for any help or suggestions!