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    Default Diamond Lake ride

    Diamond lake had some great snow conditions yesterday for a ride. Big thanks to Ron for showing us around some of his play areas. We had a full day of riding and digging out. Yes we had plenty of stuck sleds yesterday. Its always nice to meet and ride with fellow riders.
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    Awesome! Where did you park and ride out from if I may ask? I have only ridden out from the lodge.
    Hope it keeps snowing, it rained all night here in lakeview, melted snow in town but looks like it snowed up high.
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    We rode from the east lake lot at the 230 junction. I want to give a big THANK YOU to the KFalls guys for letting me tag along and Pete for hooking me up, possibly saved me from a smashed up sled! Yes there were plenty of stucks yesterday on the short cut of death don't think there isn't a place on my body that doesn't hurt today! Had a great time and got to ride with some great guys.

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    They are great guys to ride with!!!

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