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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and recently purchased a sled for snowboarding in both Washington and Oregon. I used to do a lot of sledding/snowboarding in Colorado. I was just interested if anyone on this forum sleds and snowboards on Mt. Adams or Mt. St. Helens? I'm looking to meet some new people to ride with and thought this might be a good place to meet some people with similar backcountry skiing/snowboarding interest. Thanks so much.

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    I just started snowmobiling last season. Grew up skiing. But have not been to Adams or St Helens. Been skiing in Colorado a few times.

    FYI you probably wont touch that snowboard now. I havn't even considered skiing this season snowmobiling is so much ski's are gathering dust.

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    I have seen guys that take their skis/board up on Adams, however I am not sure what direction they went as I did not see them once up on the mountain. I have not been up to Adams yet this year and have not heard any positive snow reports yet. We need a good base on Adams and St Helens as you need to cover some ground down low to gain access to the good stuff. I did read that the poles are now in marking the Wilderness boundary.

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    Why snowboard when you have ski's and a motor?

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