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Thread: Klim Stealth Gear

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    Default Klim Stealth Gear

    I don't have any kind of in-depth review or write-up on this gear, but I did have a chance to try it on and check it out. Bottom line, the Stealth gear feels like butter when you put it on. It is a little more of an athletic cut/fit, so it has a different fit than some of the Klim gear you may be used to. However, sized right it fits and feels awesome


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    Tried some on earlier this week and was surprised at how light and flexible it is. Price about takes my breath away!

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    Default Klim Stealth Gear

    Snoguyphil, sled crazy has a couple new ones for sale a lil cheaper than usual. Thread here somewhere or send him a pm. Real nice stuff, that Klim. Will be looking at if my stuff ever wears out.
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    Default Klim Stealth Gear

    Thanks Gg
    Send me a pm if interested

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