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Thread: Sledspace Update / Activity Stream

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    Default Sledspace Update / Activity Stream

    I hope everyone is enjoying their spring. Not to brag, but we received close to two feet of fresh around Memorial Day weekend here in Central Oregon.

    Anyway, a few new features have been added to One of them, that I think you will grow to love, is called Activity Stream. When you click on "what's new" you see a running list of all the activity that has occurred on sledspace in the last days/weeks. You can still view new posts, without activity stream, by clicking the "new posts" sub tab under "what's new". "New posts" is also available under the Forum tab on the default page.

    What is really cool about activity stream is that it is also integrated into the "My Profile" page (accessed from the top right). You can view the activity stream from there, but filter it between "all", "current user", "friends", etc. This makes the friend feature on sledspace much more useful.

    When you are viewing the Activity Stream from the main Activity Stream page, not within My Profile, you can also filter the stream based on date, content type, etc. Don't forget to clear the filter when you are done, using the "X" in the Activity Stream header. Keep in mind that you can mix and match criteria - you can have "photos" and "last 24 hours" selected to only view album photos posted in the last 24 hours.

    I think this is going to be a useful feature, but it will likely take some playing with to get used to. Take some time to check it out. Post up any questions, as well as any discoveries or cool uses. I'll post an album photo to show that activity stream feature.

    At this point it will track 30 days worth of activity, with the option to change this either direction. It will update every one minute, but stop pushing updates to individual users once they have been on the Activity Stream page for 5 minutes with no action (reading posts, etc.). This keeps it from pushing updates to individual users if they park on the page (keeps server loads in check).

    There are a few other new features - ability to show who has read a thread, what members have been on sledspace in the last 24 hours, navigation upgrades, etc. One area I would like to visit sometime soon is around reputation. I have always had reputation disabled, as I was never that impressed by it on other forums. Feedback on this is welcome.

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    Thats cool Ben! I'm not sure of the Rep deal myself. I see other forums with them but I dont know if it holds water! LOL
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