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    Quote Originally Posted by BCDan View Post
    wow. spam? On another snowmobile forum, you are wanting to know what boot to buy for your boyfriend. Spammers are getting better and better.
    Hey BCDan

    I deleted her post and her account, and put some preventative measures in place to discourage her from registering again. I am seeing a lot of this lately. People join a forum and then throw a link or two in what appears to be a semi-legitimate post. The reason for this is Google rankings. A large criteria in the Google process is the number of other sites that link to your site. A common practice is to try to get your link on as many sites as possible to somewhat artificially increase your ranking. We had one the other day where someone signed up six different times and started making posts here and there.

    I try to keep an eye out for this, but it is very subtle at times. If you notice a post that a link or some info just seems out of place, or obviously doesn't belong, please let me know. There is zero tolerance for this sort of thing on here, and I will actually error on the side of being too strict. If it is really gray, I sometimes send an email asking their intentions before the account is deleted - not surprisingly I don't ever hear back. Furthermore, if someone starts blatantly advertising on sledspace, whether snowmobile related or not, I would like to know. We do allow some of this on a case by case basis for our friends, but I like to know in advance.


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    Thanks, Ben. I'm a moderator on the forum I mentioned, and I banned her on that site too. Maybe they will get the hint.. or get even trickier!

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