This was up in the Flathead valley.

The avalanche that took Jungnitsch's life in the Beta Lake drainage was triggered by one of the seven snowmobilers he was riding with, Curry said. When the slide occurred, two members of the group were buried in snow, and only one was rescued alive.

The entire group was well prepared for such an emergency and was equipped with avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes, Curry said.

While search and rescue teams hurried to the scene, they learned that several other avalanches had unleashed in the nearby Lost Johnny drainage, Curry said. Two people had been buried but were successfully rescued by members of their own party, and reports from other avalanches and similar rescues continued to roll in Saturday.

"It was a deadly weekend, but there were a lot of lucky people, too - we could have lost a lot more people in all the other avalanches that occurred up there," Curry said. "These avalanches occurred in places most people would not consider to be high risk. They happened in the trees - not in your standard great big open bowl.

"The landscape of risk can change on a daily basis. But there were a lot of success stories this weekend that shouldn't be overlooked. Being prepared, having the right equipment and knowing how to use it does save lives."