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    you had to know this was coming tried the blog thing on here but it just doesn't work for me, so i'll get this party started!!! well i guess everyone is aware of the mass exidous from snowest, rip a good friend that will be missed!!!

    one of our local dealers, greg cohen motor sports, is the featured dealer in the new whiteout magazine. i think the free online is or something close, or if you want a free printed one i have them at the shop. is a great mag about all types of rec. sports. says if you go into his shop on sat. they have fresh baked cookies, funny i've never gotten any may be riding with him this weekend so i'll have to see if he'll bring me some

    this season has been far from stellar, had a good riding buddie all set up at the begining of the season and then he decides to blow out his knee riding quads on the farm at the begining of december. so have been scrambleing everyweekend trying to find partners. starts to get depressing when you want to ride but have no one to go with so if your ever in need just shoot me a pm. guess a lot of that is my fault, most peeps don't seem to like my riding style!!! there has to be more hard core sledders out there who want nothing more than to unload, head off trail, and not see another road till dark or out of gas. which seems to happen at the same time quite often seems my good riding partners either get hurt or tired of the carnage!!! i just don't see any better way to stay in shape.

    well i need to get off of here, its thursday, time to get out my beging pm's and try and find a sucker, i mean riding partner for this weekend
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