View Full Version : Spring adjuster for torsion clutch

09-03-12, 01:28 PM
Alright, I done it again...this time out of boredom, waiting for snow. Needed a tool to adjust the torsion spring now on my converted clutch. Sure BDX and ect make a tool for $15.00- 30.00, depending on how swank, but how many times am I really gonna adjust the thing. Like I said bored anyway. Torch and welder are some of the few tools that I DON'T own, so that narrowed down what medium to use. Settled for some 1/4" plexi I had layin around. I made a rub of the adjuster "face" on the secondary, layed it under the plexi and x-fered the needed marks. Broke out w/ the dremel and than drilled the holes after that. I just used bolts/washers/nuts for the dowel "pins". There is 6 bolts on the face of the adjuster(3 pairs) I can move/reset 4, tighten THEN remove tool and install the last pair - due to handle orientation/tool strength design. Works great, NOT beautiful, but highly functionable. Hope this helps someone. 3 Beer job. :)4430443144324433

09-03-12, 09:30 PM
Nice! Nice touch on the handles, too.. bet that could make a mark without some padding! ;)